Why ongoing assessments are crucial for TestPrep and Certification Training?

by Amrudesh Santhanam

TestPrep and Training for Certification is all about feedback driven learning.

Learning strategies change depending on the scenario. While in schools and colleges, the goal primarily is to learn a concept and it is worth spending a lot of time since this is something that one would use over their whole career, TestPrep or Training for certification is a lot of about learning that has a definite short term goal and purpose.

In TestPrep, very often, the value of the learning is limited ends once you clear that Test whereas training for certifications have a value for a few months or 2-3 years at best since skills needed and careers are changing quite quickly these days.

Training for TestPrep and Certification is characterised by

Given the above criterion, what is essential is to

  1. Efficiently utilize time and focus on subjects / Topics that bring most value. If 50 hrs spent on Topic A can raise your score in Topic A from 60% to 70%, it is less valuable than spending the same on Topic B that can raise you from 35% to 60%. Knowing this early is crucial
  2. Building up speed. Since the test is time limited, solving faster is crucial. Analysis of which topics / types of questions one spends more time on becomes essential for this reason.
  3. Do you know the pre-requisites? Many types, the preparation fails due to glancing over some pre-requisites. Early stage quick testing of skills / knowledge in pre-requisites and remedial learning done at early stages can be most valuable.
  4. Boosting confidence. Trend reports that show how one is improving over time provides the most important energy boost essential to stay the course and finish confidently.
  5. Taking out the fear factor. Facing small tests is less threatening and when done over time, it prepares one much better for facing the long full duration test.
In summary, the value addition of ongoing assessments, starting very early in the course is much more than one or two full duration mock tests towards the end of the training as they continue to keep giving due feedback to help one in preparation and if technology can help in this, why not?