Why Online Tests help students improve

by Amrudesh Santhanam

Are Online tests only a replacement of paper based tests for the same function? If so, what is the value addition?

A Well Structured Online Tests adds more value and helps students prepare better in the following ways:

  1. Identify subjects / topics where one is strong / weak
  2. Find out how quickly one is able to solve each question
  3. Find out how one is improving over time
  4. Find out how one is performing with respect to others in each aspect
In order for this to be possible, a "Well Structured Online Test" is required and not just a basic online test where questions are delivered and one has to click rather than fill a circle on paper. A well structured online test has the following characteristics

  1. Questions classified by subjects and topics
  2. Questions classified by difficulty level
  3. Questions mapped with time allotted to complete
Only when the above 3 structures are build on test papers, does it become powerful. This will allow the student to know how to improve and where to improve. Many a times, these elements are missing in online tests which are being offerred.

Further, once a student has an idea of where to improve, he/she would need the below mentioned three appropriate testing modes to help improve.

  1. Practice Mode: Where student gets to see the answer immediately on answering so that he/she can correct the mistake while attempting the next quesiton
  2. Rapid Fire Mode: So that a student can gauge one's speed
  3. Adaptive Mode: Where questions of varying difficulty level are presented based on how the student is performing
Given these facilities, an online test really becomes a "Well Structured Online Test" and directly helps the student improve rather than just save time of the teacher in correcting answer papers.