Edoola (Education through Open Online Learning and Assessment) is an e-Learning System that powers assessment-based training programs. With Edoola, customers from K-12, higher education, corporations and test prep companies have maximized learning outcomes for their students through continuous assessments and learning.

At Edoola, we believe in creating excellence in education through fuss-free creation of online training programs, versatile assessment systems, powerful analytics and innovative delivery. Our quest to center our services according to customer requirements has also led us to facilitate custom branding and custom web pages for our clients. Our solution allows content creators, content delivery teams as well as content consumers to benefit from its powerful learning system.


Ramesh Seshadri

Ramesh is the quintessential entrepreneur, driven by the thrill of working with start-ups, understanding what makes businesses work and developing software to meet that end. He has more than 15 years of experience in the startup space, having been the founding engineer in many Silicon Valley startups. Ramesh introduces cutting-edge technology to form the core functionality in the application and provide scalability.

Amrudesh Santhanam

A keen interest and aptitude for the educational arena, makes Amrudesh a perfect fit for the Edoola team. With over a decade of experience as a design engineer and in the learning and development function, he brings valuable understanding of the learning and skill assessment process which has been utilized at the core of the product design for Edoola. Amrudesh also teaches math part time at the high school level. At Edoola, he handles the development of the mobile app apart from working closely with customers.

Sriram Aravamudhan

A Business Development professional who has a keen interest in the education space and believes in using technology to deliver a superior learning experience. He has over 15 years of global experience in the areas of Strategy, Marketing and Business Development (organic and in-organic). He has nurtured business ideas and taken it from ideation to commercialization. Sriram is responsible for business development, managing customer relationships, developing product strategy and planning for Edoola