Unlimited registered users, pay only for active users or assessments taken.

25 Users per month  
100 Users per month  
500 Users per month  
500 Assessments per month  
2000 Assessments per month  
5000 Assessments per month  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which module should I sign up for?

The "E-Learning" module is best suited if you are delivering complete courses to your users / employees using videos, presentations, documents and quizzes. If you are only delivering assessments to your users / customers, then the "Assessment" module would be appropriate. You can also deliver collections of assessments and multi-part exams using this. Also, your assessments may still contain videos as part of the question / explanation of answer etc.

Can I pick up both modules?

Yes. You may also sign up for both modules if some of your offering to your users are video based courses and some which have only assessments. You can then take advantage of our smart pricing model (see details below). You may even pick up one module and an add-on pack of another module without signing up for the second module.

What does your free trial plan involve?

The free trial is valid for 14 Days. The Free trial is a Full Feature product to help you explore all the options. We also offer help in setup and guidance on implementation during your free trial.

Which plan do I choose consindering varying usage? What if my usage is higher than all plans?

Choose one among the three plans (in either module) which is closest to your anticipated usage. All plans have add-on packs. Once you have a subscription, you can add-on one or more units (Number of Assessments or Users per month) at any time and these add-ons will be valid for three months from the month you add them. This will help you handle the variation in your usage. If your usage is higher than all our plans, do contact us at sales@edoola.com. We can offer custom plans and also support Dedicated Hosting for you.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No. There are no long term contracts. Our plans are yearly subscriptions and each plan gives you a monthly quota of "Assessments" or "Active Users" based on the module. You may change to a new plan at any time by paying the prorated difference amount if its higher or cancel your account at any time. We do not support refunds though.

How do you count Assessments and Active Users? What is smart pricing model?

Each assessment started by each user counts as one assessment. So, if you deliver a set of 3 assesments, to 10 users, then, we count 30 Assessments. For the "E-Learning" module, each user who actively accesses learning content / quizzes in any month is counted as an active user. We only count used Assessments and Active Users. When you use both modules, our smart pricing model counts every user who used videos, presentations etc in a given month as "1 Active User" and for those who used only Assessments, it counts only the number of Assessments. This lets you optimize costs.

How do Custom sub-domain, branding and web pages help my organisation?

When you have a custom and exclusive sub-domain like your_organisation.edoola.com, this becomes the one address for administrators and end users to come to. With custom branding, you get to have your logo on the top left of the page and custom web pages let you convert this into your complete website if you like. Or you could add a Home page and other pages with Menus on top to give further information to your users. You can also control if each page is seen by all publicly, only by logged in users or only administrators.

How much storage space do I get? Do you host my videos?

Apart from Videos, we host all your content and there is no limit on storage space. For Videos, do look at providers like Vimeo, Wistia. They offer video hosting services and let you control access. You can keep videos private and set preferences to ensure that your video streams only through this site. Once hosted, you can simply use their embed codes here to stream videos as part of your course.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major Credit cards: Visa and American Express; Debit cards, Netbanking and Cash cards. We also accept direct internet bank transfers. If you would like to issue purchase orders and/or need an invoice, please write to us at sales@edoola.com.

What kind of hardware / software do I need to use Edoola?

You can use any computer or mobile device like smartphones or tablets with an internet connection and a web browser. The web browsers that work best with Edoola are the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or higher and Safari 6 or higher. If you are taking the test on a smartphone or a tablet, you can use the app called 'Edoola' available at the Google Playstore and the Apple iOS App Store.